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Developer / Consultant

March 28, 2019

Developer / Consultant

You are an experienced developer with a superior programming skill set.  You understand SQL databases, production and development environments.  You learn fast and enjoy a challenge.  Your English is excellent, and you value clear communications.  You are under-employed or unemployed at present and looking for opportunities to expand your horizons.

Initially this will be a contract role.  You will work remotely to support users, develop, configure and maintain software.  Opportunities for advancement to full time, management and ownership are available based on performance and on your goals.


Post-secondary degree or certificate in a Computer Science or Engineering related program.

Important Skills

  • Verbal and writing skill that inspire confidence.

  • Programming in multiple environments.  At least two of SQL, Visual Basic,  C#, Python, Java etc.  Willingness to learn more.

  • Experience with software packages such as asset and/or financial management software.

  • Ability to work independently and build creative solutions that focus on business requirements.


2 or more years in development environment.  Recent graduates with top notch achievements and some relevant experience will be considered.

Echo I.T. Inc.

Echo I.T. is based in British Columbia Canada.  We are a boutique consulting company and have been in business for 10 years.  Team members most often work remotely and independently with online collaboration and occasional travel as required.


TBD based on experience.


Next Steps

  1. Contact us via the form below with a link to your LinkedIn profile and resume.

  2. Candidates will be evaluated,  short listed and contacted.

  3. Interviews online or in person with short listed candidates.

  4. Written offers to the successful candidate.          

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