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Echo I.T. Software Development

Businesses often needed software to interface maintenance and materials software packages with their financial software.  Echo I.T. analyzes the both systems,  then designs and develops software that exploites the unique functionality of both systems to transfer and harmonize data between the two or more systems.

Companies operating IBM Maximo business systems to support their maintenance and materials systems operations have required various large and small software enhancements to improve data accuracy and consistency.  Echo I.T. uses IBM's and other vendors programming tool kits for developing software to implement enhancements.  

A lumber export business required an automated business systems to track purchases, inventory and sales.  The unique nature of the business required a custom business system.  Echo I.T. consultants worked with the business managers to develop and implement the system from the ground up.  The software  helped the company maintain its operations during a period of high growth.

A mining operation required enhancements for their inventory system.  The enhancements were need to support specialized consignment inventory processing.  Echo I.T. designed software to process data conversions and solve the requirements.  Then we developed the software, coordinated testing, implementation and provided initial training and support.

A newsprint company required production and quality control system to help support  modernization and expansion of the plant.  Our consultants have designed and developed many production support and quality control systems to support the operation. These systems have used web sites and intranets and email to deliver the quality results directly to the customers.

Companies operating Microsoft Dynamics have used our consultants to implement enhancements supplementing the base functionality of the Dynamics software.  Our consultants developed a unique upload process to transfer accounting data between Excel and Dynamics.  

A pulp mill required an automated program to monitor, control and label production of bales of pulp.  Our consultant worked with the operator to design develop and implement a system to record and identify each bale produced.

A newsprint mill required an automated program to monitor and control wood chip deliveries  Our consultant worked with the operator to design develop and implement a system that interfaced with the weigh scale system to measure and record shipments.

These are just a few examples of the many many software development project that have been successfully implemented by our consultants.

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